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"Purolator" is a Canadian shipping company founded in the 1960s as Trans Canadian Couriers Ltd. After being acquired by Purolator Filters, it officially changed its name to Purolator Courier Ltd, with "Purolator" derived from "Pure Oil Later." This case study aims to redesign Purolator's platform to address the confusion and intimidation experienced by users when shipping items.

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Why I started

The decision to undertake this redesign stems from personal experiences and observations of others. Shipping items has been a daunting and mysterious task for many individuals, leading to numerous questions and uncertainties, ranging from shipping costs to the actual shipping process. Thus, the goal is to create a user-friendly platform that eliminates intimidation and ensures foolproof shipping for users of all levels of expertise.

Project Duration

4 months


Figma / Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD


Solo UIUX Designer

Discovered Problem

1. Users find shipping items confusing and intimidating.

2. Existing shipping platforms lack clear instructions and add to the confusion.

3. With the increasing demand for e-commerce shipping, there is a need for a simple platform that caters to small businesses.


1. Develop a foolproof shipping platform that guides users through the process seamlessly.

2. Create an engaging and enjoyable platform that is not intimidating to users.

My Design Concept

The design concept revolves around creating a user-friendly and enjoyable shipping platform that demystifies the shipping process. By incorporating intuitive elements and clear instructions, the redesigned platform aims to make shipping an easy and straightforward task for users of all backgrounds. The ultimate goal is to make shipping fun and hassle-free, thereby encouraging more users to utilize Purolator's services.

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Company Logo Redesign

I have transformed Purolator Company's original logo into a more fun and interesting style, aiming to express a vibe of friendliness and visually represent the company's services.

Company's Original Wordmark & Icon


Redesigned Logo Wordmark & Icon

Company's Original Icon


Redesigned Logo Icon

Design Element

Color Used in Logo & Mobile App

Typeface Used in Redesign Mobile & Website

Group 135.png

Mobile App Redesign

In this project, I have redesigned the original interface of the company's mobile app into a more user-friendly design, characterized by a clean and clear minimalist interface style. The main objective was to enhance the user experience by allowing users to easily discover and access the app's essential functions directly from the home page.

Additionally, I have refreshed the app's logo with a more clear and interesting design, giving the entire app a friendlier appearance, eliminating any sense of intimidation

Company's Original Version of Mobile App


Redesign Version of the Mobile App

Group 124.png
Group 125.png
Group 127.png
Group 126.png
Group 132.png
Group 129.png
Group 128.png
Group 131.png

Company Website Redesign

Upon analyzing the existing website, it became apparent that the layout, design system and color scheme used on the current webpage were somewhat confusing, lacking a cohesive and structured appearance. To address these issues, I undertook a redesign to create a more organized and user-friendly interface that enables visitors to navigate effortlessly and grasp the information at a glance. The end result makes the whole web page more approachable and enjoyable for users! :)

Home Page Design




Shipping Page Design



before2 .png

Business Solution Page Design



before 3.png
Group 136.png

What I Learned From the Project

  • The significance of a user-friendly design: Creating a user-friendly design is paramount. By avoiding intimidation and simplifying tasks, users can seamlessly accomplish their goals.


  • The power of a captivating logo: Incorporating a fun and interesting logo into a serious and professional company, like a service company, can yield remarkable and eye-catching results. Users are drawn to such designs and more likely to engage.

  • Continuous learning opportunities: The project exposed me to new aspects, such as webpage layout spacing and attention to detail. Embracing these learning experiences enhances my skills as a designer.

Thanks for viewing my project!

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