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About Me

Hello again! This time allow me to introduce myself! :)


Hello again!

This time allow me to introduce myself! :)


I'm Yun-Ju Chen, also known as Sophia to my friends! I am a UIUX/Visual DesignerContent Creator and Sculpture Artisan, with a passion for creating beautiful, adorable, and unique products/accessories that bring joy and delight to my viewers and customers. :)

My Contact Info

Resume: click HERE to view

Instagram: @artisansaccessory


As an artist and designer, I love to explore different areas of art and design field. I have extensive experience designing graphic-related works & UIUX, managing E-commerce store plus social media and creating delicious sculpture!


My biggest goal in my art and design career is to discover and develop my ability to its fullest potential, while providing people who loves my works with the sweetest and most delightful product experience possible.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, I welcome all art and design enthusiasts to connect with me and explore the world of creativity together! 😊

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