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Project Objectives

"Leafy Express" is a vegetarian food delivery app exclusively designed to cater to the needs of vegetarians, providing them with a convenient platform to discover a wide variety of vegetarian restaurants and food options in their area. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly explore and order delicious vegetarian dishes, eliminating the need for extensive searches on Google or other food delivery apps for vegetarian meals.

Project Introduction

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The primary objective of Leafy Express is to offer a seamless solution for vegetarians seeking convenient and diverse food options. However, the app goes beyond serving user needs by also aiming to bring more awareness to the numerous small and delightful vegetarian restaurants in the local community. By collaborating with these establishments, Leafy Express creates a win-win situation, where users can easily access vegetarian food while supporting and promoting local vegetarian restaurant businesses.

Solo UIUX Designer



Figma / Adobe Illustrator

Project Duration

3 months

Design Process






  • Discover Problem

  • Empathize Issue

  • Define Problem

  • User Research

  • Topic Research

  • Create Solutions

  • Define Goals

  • User Persona

  • Wireframe

  • Visual Design

  • Sitemap

  • Userability Test

  • Prototype

  • What I Learned

  • Product Value

How and Why the Project Starts

Being a vegetarian and a lover of vegetarian food, my vegetarian friends and I encountered the challenge of limited vegetarian options on regular food delivery platforms. Moreover, I noticed a lack of customer awareness surrounding many excellent local vegetarian restaurants. Motivated by these experiences, I embarked on a journey to find a solution that would cater to our need for diverse vegetarian meals and simultaneously increase awareness for these remarkable local establishments.

Identifying the Problems

  • Limited Vegetarian Meal Options on Standard Food Apps

  • Time-consuming Search for Vegetarian Restaurants

  • Lack of Awareness for Local Vegetarian Restaurants

Creating Solution/Goals

  • Create a Comprehensive Platform for Vegetarian Restaurants:
    Develop a dedicated platform, namely Leafy Express, that brings together a wide range of vegetarian restaurants, providing users with a single destination to discover and order vegetarian meals.

  • Increase Awareness of Local Vegetarian Restaurants:
    Through Leafy Express, actively promote and raise awareness about the remarkable local vegetarian restaurants, enabling them to reach a wider audience and garner the recognition they deserve.

Research about Vegetarian/Bussiness Opportunity

With the rise in vegetarian meal popularity and health awareness, more people are adopting a vegetarian diet. This creates a prime opportunity for the "Leafy Express" project to offer a platform where all vegetarian restaurants can gather and serve customers. It's a win-win scenario, bringing awareness to small vegetarian businesses and providing convenience for vegetarian users.

According to latest stats, there are 1.5 billion vegetarians around the globe.

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5 % of the US population follows a vegetarian diet, which is about 9.7 million people in the US.

The sales of meat alternative dishes in US restaurants jumped by 268%.

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User Persona

Ellipse 1.png


Alice Cullen

Alice, a passionate video editor from Toronto, Canada, enjoys an exciting life in a shared apartment with her friends. She loves exploring nature and trying new things. Recently, she has adopted a vegetarian diet on her friends' advice. However, she spends a considerable amount of time searching for vegetarian options online and on food delivery apps in the city.

Age: 26

Status: Single

Occupation: Video Editor

Location: Toronto, Canada

Pain Points

  • Spending Significant amount of time searching vegetarian meals options

  • Not enough vegetarian meal options on normal food delivery app or platform


  • Finding new vegetarian restaurant and meals option 

  • Hoping  the process to be convenient and fast

  • It would be better if the meal is already cooked


Age: 43

Status: Married

Occupation: Bank Accountant

Location: Washington, USA

Marcus Oman

Pain Points

Marcus, a busy accountant in Washington, faces a challenge as a vegetarian when ordering food. Due to limited vegetarian options on many delivery apps, he spends twice as long as his non-vegetarian wife searching for suitable meals. Marcus is determined to find a solution that reduces the time spent searching for vegetarian options, making his dining experience more convenient.

  • Doesn’t have enough time cooking so prefer to order from outside restaurant

  • Wasting a lot of time on finding suitable meal to eat daily


  • A quick access to find vegetarian meal

  • A diverse option in vegetarian restaurants and foods

Ellipse 2.png

Project Logo Design

Logo with wordmark

Leafy Express Final logo.png

Logo without wordmark

Leafy Express Logo.png

Color used in logo&app

Type face used

Inter Type (Light) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.png
color palette.png


Site map.png


Wireframe 1.png
Wriemframe 2.png
Wriemframe 3.png
Wriemframe 4.png

Final Prototype Result

Leafy Express Final logo.png

What I learned from the Project

  • Continuous Learning: Every design project offers new learning opportunities, which is truly amazing.

  • Business Opportunities: Through thorough research, I realized that finding a great solution to a problem can also present a promising business opportunity. The demand for vegetarian options, combined with the lack of awareness for local vegetarian restaurants, highlighted the potential for the "Leafy Express" project to succeed in addressing these needs and bridging the gap in the market.

  • Attention to Detail: This case study reminded me of the importance of double-checking designs to ensure that no details are missed.

Leafy Express Logo.png

Thanks for viewing my project!

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